Conversion to Sun-Tracking Systems

Etziony Systems helps its customers increase the electricity production rate of their photovoltaic systems. How do we do that?

Well, one of the main factors that influence the electricity production rate in photovoltaic systems is the angle of incidence of the sunrays on the solar panels. On an annual  why?? national average, an optimally installed static photovoltaic system, aimed towards the south, produces 1700 KWH for every 1 KW installed. However, most of the electricity production occurs at noon, due to the relatively straight angle in which the sunrays strike the panel. By installing a solar-tracking system we preserve an optimal angle of incidence throughout the day, which causes an increase in the electricity production. In fact, a correctly built solar-tracking system will improve the system's production rate by 20% to 25% on an annual average. This means substantial savings in energy consumption through the electricity company, as well as a significant increase of the accumulated surplus.

Professional and Comprehensive Service

Etziony Systems has a rich experience with setting up photovoltaic systems for business and private customers, as well as a vast knowledge and experience in the areas of software engineering, monitoring and electricity. We perform the conversion of photovoltaic systems to solar-tracking on the highest professional level, in every step of the process:

  • A visit to the location - the company's engineers arrive at the customer's location and collect the system's data, including measurement of the roof's area, angles, azimuth and the number and size of panels.
  • Planning and simulation – carried out in the company’s  engineering department, according to the data obtained from the measurements, in order to adapt the system optimally to the field conditions.
  • Survey - after planning and simulation is done, the company presents a detailed survey to the customer including solutions to achieve maximum production based on his needs and data.
  • Issuing approvals - the company takes care of the issuing of approvals and permits from the relevant parties.
  • Building the system - after receiving the customer's approval, the company's factory manufactures a solar-tracking system, according to the original plan.
  • Assembly at the location - when the system is ready, an Etziony Systems team arrives at the location in order to disassemble the existing system and assemble the construction made in the factory. Next, the panels are reassembled. It should be noted that the installation work is carried out during the course of 14 business days at most, and is performed gradually so that the financial loss for the system's production does not exceed one workweek.
  • Different types of roofs - sometimes the roof's features do not allow a standard solar-tracking system, e.g. roofs with a northern or eastern slope. In such cases, planning and production of a special construction for the roof is made, including adapting a monitoring system that takes the roof's data into consideration, such as angle and shading calculations.


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