About Etziony Systems

Etzioni Systems was founded in 2012 by the brothers Maoz and Hadar Etzioni, From Ram-On, a moshav in the Ta'anakh region of Israel. Maoz Etzioni, who serves as CEO, is a software engineer with 15 years of experience in the areas of software and monitoring. Throughout the years Maoz led and developed many projects in the areas of agriculture and monitored industry, such as computerized sorting systems for fruits and vegetables, and combinatorial weighing systems. Hadar Etzioni, who serves as operations and manufacturing manager in the company, has 10 years of experience in construction of electrical systems, and managed during 6 years the smart projects of factories such as Metronics, DC and Tambour Naharia, in addition to setting up dozens of home and business photovoltaic systems.

Innovation That Led to Success

Like many other technological developments,  Etzioni Systems was also born out of need and a will to improve existing means. After purchasing a private photovoltaic system, the Etzioni brothers wished to maximize its electricity production, but found that there is no appropriate response to their needs in Israel. They began to study the topic and to plan a solar-tracking system, and after issuing the appropriate approvals, the system was installed on the roof of their household. The innovative and successful action of the system attracted much interest, and many approached with requests to make more systems. One year after the installation of the private system in their household, the Etzioni brothers had already installed dozens of home and medium-sized systems, and their customers enjoyed a professional service and an increase in the annual average production rate of their systems by 25%.

Conversion services from A to Z

Today, Etzioni Systems has an experienced and skilled staff, and provides photovoltaic system conversion services (from static to solar-tracking) in a number of steps:

  • visiting the customer's location and collection of the system's data by engineers
  • planning and simulation in the company's engineering department to match the system to the roof
  • showing the customer a survey that details optimal production solutions
  • issuing of approvals and permits from the relevant parties
  • production and construction process in the company's factory
  • disassembly of the existing system and assembly of the new construction
  • reassembly of the existing panels

Please note that we provide customized solutions to roofs that originally were not designed for the installation of a solar-tracking system.

Working for the Customers

Etzioni Systems strives to give every customer an optimal solution, which will lead to maximum output of their photovoltaic system. Therefore, we accompany our customers closely and with full responsibility during the entire contact period, and present them with  solutions adapted to their needs and to the field conditions. In addition, the installation work is carried out gradually during up to 14 business days, so that the financial loss of the system's production does not exceed a workweek. Our services are provided both to private and business customers, who receive a reliable system that brings the electricity production to an optimal level, and that will serve them for a long time.